Travel Diary- South Korea 

This is a very late post buttt I just want to share to you what happened during our Christmas vacation at South Korea..

South Korea is an amazing place. They have an amazing beauty products, fashion, amazing culture, amazing sites to see and their foods is just spectacular. The most exciting part during our vacation was the night skiing. It was my first time skiing at night while waiting for the Christmas eve with the whole family.During that night, there were fireworks everywhere and skiers who danced around with the music while skiing. That night was very memorable. We also went at the most famous place in Seoul which is the N Seoul Tower where the most Korean Novelas took place. This place also has now become a popular spot for couples. Most of the couples go there just to lock their “padlock of love” unto the railings and dream that their love will last forever. One of the cutest place that I have been also was the Kakao friends. You can go shopping at their store at the same time relax at their cutest coffee shop.

South Korea is a beautiful place that I will definitely go back to. Have a blessed day!!!cropped-img_9493.jpg


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