Travel Diary- Antalya, Bodrum,Cappadocia Turkey

Saved the best part about my Turkey trip for last. These three places in Turkey are my most favorite and these are the reasons why,

Antalya, Turkey– This place offers sights of jaw-dropping natural beauty and historical remains. During our visit at Antalya, we visited their old town and city center as of today. Most of the stores there sells high quality of silks because silk has been their main product and they export some of it to Italy.Our last destination was in Mevlana Museum which we saw the Turkish night  show.  The hotel which we stayed has the most spectacular view. I felt like I’m in Santorini, Greece.

Bodrum, Turkey–  Bodrum also offers sights of jaw-dropping natural beauty and historical remains similar with Antalya. We had our lunch at the oldest local restaurant at the sea side and the place was definitely romantic.  After we had our lunch, we also went to have a photo stop at the top of Gumbet town with the symbols of Bodrum historical windmills. I felt bad because I did not took a picture just because of the weather. It was so windy and cold on that area by that time. It was my first time also to enter a castle.The Bodrum Castle, or the medieval castle of St. Peter, is a fine example of 15th-century crusader architecture, and has been converted into the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, with remains dating as far back as the Bronze Age.  Feels like a dream come  true, right?:) What was more exciting was the view from the top of that castle. From there, we saw the whole beauty of Bodrum. I hope my photos will speak for itself on how beautiful this place was.

Cappadocia, Turkey– Cappadocia for me is a very unique place because of its beautiful landscapes. Some of the people there live in a cave houses. Even the hotel where we stayed  was a cave hotel and everything was vintage. Staying in a cave hotel is a must experience for the tourists especially for those who want to visit Turkey. Checked off my bucket list also by flying in a hot-air balloon at dawn waiting for the sun to rise above the incredible landscapes. You can see the deep canyons, valleys and fairy chimneys from the air. Here’s a peek at what we got up to in one massive fun-filled trip to Turkey.View from the top of the Bodrum Castle.

The Santorini in Turkey.

Flying in a hot-air balloon at dawn waiting for the sun to rise above the incredible landscapes.

Hoping to be back again here soon. Hope you guys also enjoyed  my photos. Have a great day!



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