Travel Diary- Bursa+Pamukkale+Ephesus, Turkey

When you think of Turkey for the first time, what comes into your mind? Maybe the scenes that flash through your mind are the not so pretty ones. The bombing and terrorist attacks that happened this past few weeks at Istanbul have made a very big impact to the tourism of Turkey. While you are reading my blog, I want to clear all the negative thoughts that you could think when it comes to Turkey. Turkey was such a beautiful place. They have an amazing culture, delicious foods and captivating sites that would surely make you feel in awe.dscf2334dscf2339Yuce Hunkar, The famous restaurant in Bursa, They serve the best combination of beef and lamb, topped with cheese, drizzled with melted butter and their own version of sauce. Yuuum! dscf2345dscf2353The best part in Bursa was the snow.It was my first time in Turkey, my first business trip, first time to travel without my family and now my first snow experience. We were on a cable cars.  A delightful  view of the mountains could be seen as we slowly made our way to the top.  I was so scared at first because I have a fear of heights but then seeing the beautiful view, everything was worth it!:)
dscf2365dscf2372dscf2390dscf2434One of the best place that I have been in Turkey was in Pamukkale or known as the Cotton castle in Turkish. It contains hot springs and terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water and It was also declared as a World Heritage Site.dscf2479The beautiful ancient city of Ephesus. This place was also declared as a world heritage site and If you guys are reading the bible, this place is quiet familiar to you. Please read this article also to know more about Ephesus based on the Bible. 

The famous library of Celsus




The oldest bazaar in Bursa, Turkey. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my travel diary as well as my photos. Have a great day!img_9493


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