Maroon for Christmas

Hi dolls! So this year I am celebrating my Christmas here in Seoul, South Korea with my whole family. This December is the best December in my enter life. It seems that I have been to both ends of the world.From the region which was once the center of ottoman empire to the Korean Peninsula in Asia. I spent my thirteen days of December at Turkey then after two days, We directly headed to Korea to spend our Christmas Vacation. I tell you, I will never get tired when it comes to travelling even if I only got one or two days of rest before heading to my another trip. Haha. *insert Ako na yata ang pinaka lakwatsera ng Gensan:D*. It’s always a great experience for me to see new places and meet people of different cultures. God is good all time.

Let’s talk about my outfit. Maroon has been my favorite color lately that is why I chose to wear this color for Christmas.This color is very romantic and also it can be easily incorporated with other colors especially for a minimalist look. I would like to share the photos of my sister also. I think she’s my favorite model as of now. When it comes to fashion, she is my mini me and  I can see myself to her. At a young age, she already knows how to dress, how to incorporate colors, how to use acccessories, how to mix and match and when it comes to make up, she has a lot of ideas also. 😀 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


Happy Birthday to my Saviour, Jesus Christ.Thank you for blessing me and my family this year.Cheers to another beautiful year!  Hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas vacation.

Coat & longsleeve, Thrifted
Dress & boots, Zara


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