Greece Travel Diary- Part 1

Hi guys:) This is a very late post of my trip in Greece last December. I have been so busy at school, I had to cope up for my grades because of my absences. I have been so busy also because of the bulk orders of cupcakes last Christmas and New year. I dont want to put pressure on myself about updating my blog. I don’t want my life to revolve only on my blog or any other social media. This is my blog and I can post anything whenever I want:)

Anyway lets just talk about our trip. We started our trip in Greece with a long drive going to Corinth from Athens. We had our first stop at Corinth canal to take some pictures and to buy souvenirs. After that, we headed to the Ancient Greece where you can find the Temple of Apollo. We had a short bible study there about its history. It was the center of civilization in Greece during the ancient times. It was also known as the sin city because people from the past worshipped many gods or unknown gods including Apollo. That’s why Apostle Paul went to this place to preach the gospel to the people of Corinth. (Read Acts 17-18). 


The Corinth Canal, this canal is very huge that even a ship can sail through it.



We had an amazing view also from the top of our hotel. We can see the famous Acropolis which became the landmark of Greece and of course the beautiful city of Athens. Enjoy our photos guys and have a good day!



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