Dubai travel diary part 2

So here’s the continuation of my Dubai travel diary. Staying at Dubai for how may days was incredible. We got a chance to go inside the Burj al Arab just to have a tour. Yes dolls, just a tour inside. Some people cant even enter in that hotel for just a tour, you must have a reservation first before entering. It was such a blessing for me of course because finally I was able to experience the most luxurious hotel in the world with 7 stars. I felt so excited the day after we Visited Burj al Arab because we were able to have a lunch there. The foods were amazingly delicious, the room itself was incredible. It was like you’re eating inside the aquarium with the beautiful fishes around you, the room was full of Gold also. I really had so much fun there.

We also went at Abu Dhabi to meet their prince for a charity event about cancer. Then we were invited also by someone, I don’t know who he was but my mom told me he is one of the famous racer in Dubai. We went at their house to have a traditional lunch. He also invited us to try the Dune bashing which a little bit scary but fun.
This is one of the most amazing trip that I had. So dolls if you’re planning to go somewhere, I advice that you should visit Dubai. This is really an amazing place to have fun,eat and go shopping. Enjoy our photos!!  



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