Dubai Travel Diary- Part 1

Dubai was really a beautiful city. It was such a luxurious place. Everywhere I go, I see luxurious cars,malls and hotels, huge buildings, golds and beautiful houses. When I arrived at the airport, I wasn’t expecting that my dad was already waiting for me. When I saw him, I cant hold my tears, it just kept falling especially when I saw him reconciled with my mom and stepdad. It was so amazing that after 8 years, I already saw my dad. Thank God for an answered prayer. During our first day in Dubai, we first went at Atlantis. We had a tour around the hotel, we also had a buffet lunch. It was such an amazing place. There was a lot to do there especially for the kids. How I wish my sisters were traveling with me so that they will see the beauty of Atlantis. We also went at Burj Khalifa which is known as the most tallest skyscraper in the world owned by George Armani. It has 163 floors and we were able to go up at 154th floor. It was kinda scary for me because I have fear of heights. After our tour we had our dinner at Burj khalifa also with the view of the Dubai fountain. The water was dancing accompanied by the music. It was so romantic. We also went at Dubai mall for shopping. This mall was really huge, you can’t go around this mall just for 1 day.

There was a lot of stuff we did in Dubai and there were a lot of places we have already visited. Watch out for the part two of my travel diary guys. I hope you all will enjoy our photos😊😊                                                        




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