Boho Sundays

Last Saturday was such a fun day. We went to Davao with my whole family and some of my relatives to visit my uncles. We also celebrated the birthday of my cousin at Marco Polo Hotel, then while we were eating suddenly the famous Mayor of Davao which is Mayor Duterte came to our table to talk to my uncle. It was such an honor to see him. He is one of my favorite politician here in the Philippines because of his strong personality that makes the people fear him. That’s why I am proud to say that Davao City, Philippines ranks as the fourth safest city in the world! My sisters, cousins and I went also at Racing Line Off Road Park because they wanna try the go kart. I didn’t get to enjoy the rides because I had an headache, I just enjoyed watching, screaming and laughing at them during the race.

Then the next day, I opt to wear a boho style outfit. I love wearing hats and something that has a tassels or fringe on it. It is one of the must-have if you want to achieve a bohemian chick outfit. I have a revelation to you guys, “I AM SUCH A SUCKER OF FOREVER 21”. Everytime I enter their shop, it feels like everything or every style that I need is already there. Forever 21 is my heaven here on earth. Haha. Obviously I am such a huge fan of their clothes. Everything I wore here in these photos was from Forever 21. I hope you guys will enjoy the photos:))                                                             

Outfit-all from Forever 21

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