“It’s More Blessed to Give Than to Receive”Acts 20:35

Last week was a busy week for us. We had a feeding program,we distributed foods and also Gospel tracts for some of the children of Sarangani province together with my cousins and my family. Almost 1500 students lined up in every municipalities and were so excited to get their own stuffs. It was such a good feeling for me seeing those children happy. Sometimes God blesses us with such resources in order for us to have a chance to be generous to others. For me, Generosity is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to others especially if someone is in need. We can help them without expecting something in return. We are not born for ourselves alone, we are born to do God’s work and for other people. That’s why we give in order to glorify God and to help other people also. We are save to serve!

Being a blessing to others can give you real joy and satisfaction.True happiness are not just on the material blessings that we receive. True happiness is when you do the will of God and one of the will of God is Giving. It was mentioned on the bible that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” in Acts 20:35. Let God use you to be a channel of blessings for other people so that through you others can see God and His amazing love for us.

Giving is good, Giving is fun. Be a blessing!                            


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