Travel Diary; Jerusalem

We went in Jerusalem last summer with my family, relatives and some pastors and I know that it’s way too late to post these pictures on my blog. I just wanna share my journey to all of you dolls:) Going to Jerusalem was one of the most awesome experience that I had. Even though it’s my second time visiting here but still it gave me more overwhelming emotions and excitement. I really thank God because he gave me another chance to visit this beautiful place again. I got to experience the place where Jesus walked .And also what gave more overwhelming emotion was the fact that this place was mentioned for how many times in the Bible and yet  it was just amazing because finally I saw Jerusalem came to life. Our first destination was the top of Mt. of Olives to see the panoramic view of Jerusalem. We went also at the famous western wall of Jerusalem. We were so lucky enough to catch the ceremony of “Bar Mitzvah”which is a traditional celebration every once a year, wherein every boy that will turn 13-years-old will be recognized by Jewish tradition as having the same rights as a full grown man and is already responsible for his own decisions. For our last stop, we went also at the Garden Tomb where it is believed by many that this was the site where Jesus was resurrected.






DSC_0277DSC_0282DSC_0296DSC_0301DSC_0302DSC_0303DSC_0312This is the streets of Via Dolorosa where Jesus walked on the way to His cruxifiction.

DSC_0317DSC_0314DSC_0327DSC_0332DSC_0337DSC_0357The western wall or also called as the wailing wall, one of the most holiest place in Jerusalem for jews. Some parts of the walls have been stuffed with papers containing written prayers of the jews or even from the tourists.

DSC_0365DSC_0367DSC_0364DSC_0368DSC_0371DSC_0372DSC_0381DSC_0389DSC_0416DSC_0417DSC_0418DSC_0422DSC_0423Dress, Zara
Hat, Forever 21
Sandals,  Forever 21


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