It’s Not My Will, But Thine Will Be Done

Its been a hard time for me these past few days. I am in the situation of deciding something that would also change my life. Something was bothering on me. I thought everything would be fine if I will have my On-the-job training for my course. I thought that, If I will not attend on our church youth camp this coming summer, I thought everything would be fine but the truth is not.
God was showing me something these past few days. He was making me decide if his will or my will. I kept praying that he will help me to make a right decision. I kept praying that he will speak to me using other people and by his word. And that’s what he did, he really spoke to me. Someone asked me from church if I will go to camp or not then I explained that I can’t go coz I have to go for my internship in Davao this summer. Then suddenly, she told me that I SHOULD PUT GOD FIRST. Then my other bestfriend also asked me this “WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR YOU, YOUR PROFESSION OR GOD?” Then after that I started to doubt myself if what is really important for me, Is it God or my dreams. I asked the Lord to speak to me through his preaching about what am I going to do, is it to pursue my internship or to attend the camp. Then I was so amazed by what God had told me by the preaching last March 5. The title of the preaching was all about “WHAT IS YOUR LIFE TO GOD?” IS IT A LIFE THAT SEEKS GOD? IS IT A LIFE THAT LOVES GOD? OR IS IT A LIFE THAT SERVES GOD? Then the phrases that really struck me was “ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE FOR GOD?” That’s the question that really instilled my mind. And by the help of my parents and ate Abie who always prayed for me that God will give me wisdom, I decided to go to camp. I decided to follow what God had told me to do. I know some of you guys would never understand why I chose camp over my dreams. Choosing what is right is very hard but with the help of God, It’s much easier for me to choose HIM over my dreams. What will happen in the future doesn’t really matter for me because I trust HIM. I know that He will Guide me to the right path.God’s blessings is on His will. I know that I made a right decision and I know that God is really happy and proud of me that I chose his will over my will. It’s not my will, but thine will be done.

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