Stop Worrying and Start Believing

Last week we went to Manila to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference. It was a great blessing to hear different preachers/missionaries from different countries around the world. Before all these talks about my trip, I just want to share something. I have been thinking lately if I will share it or not but as I… Continue reading Stop Worrying and Start Believing


Travel Diary- Antalya, Bodrum,Cappadocia Turkey

Saved the best part about my Turkey trip for last. These three places in Turkey are my most favorite and these are the reasons why, Antalya, Turkey– This place offers sights of jaw-dropping natural beauty and historical remains. During our visit at Antalya, we visited their old town and city center as of today. Most of… Continue reading Travel Diary- Antalya, Bodrum,Cappadocia Turkey


Travel Diary- Bursa+Pamukkale+Ephesus, Turkey

When you think of Turkey for the first time, what comes into your mind? Maybe the scenes that flash through your mind are the not so pretty ones. The bombing and terrorist attacks that happened this past few weeks at Istanbul have made a very big impact to the tourism of Turkey. While you are reading my blog,… Continue reading Travel Diary- Bursa+Pamukkale+Ephesus, Turkey